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Last Updated - September 30th, 2014. 
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50 Legit GPT Sites

Each week we rank the Top 100 GPT Sites and much more.

As soon as a new GPT site is launched, I first post it on "Twitter" and then it's listed here.  Every new GPT site can be found here.

This is our newest site.  5 top GPT's are listed and more.

"The Swag" lists some of the best sites around to earn some more FREE swag!!!

50 of the best GPT's are listed here.

Do you like SwagBucks?  I've listed every similar site to SwagBucks here.

Every "Search And Win" site is listed here.

Every active GPT site on the Internet is listed here.  It's the #1 list of GPT sites found anywhere on the Internet!!!

All expired GPT's are listed here.

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